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Saeva Indignatio

I just want to drop back to the front page of The Times on Wednesday. The story concerned the three pals of Mohammad Sidique Khan - Sadeer Saleem, Waheed Ali and Mohammed Shakil - who were cleared of being part of his terrorist cell (Ali and Shakil have subsequently been imprisoned for attending a terrorist training camp). Security forces admitted that the two trials - cost: 100 million - were 'the last roll of the dice' to convict these men of helping Khan.
This par is worth remembering:
Detectives are certain that the bombers received help from within the Muslim community in Beeston, Leeds, which, they say, is reluctant to co-operate with police. Sources said that potential witnesses had been “actively dissuaded” from helping police. As many as ten sets of unidentified fingerprints were found in bomb factories used by Khan, 30, and the three other men who killed themselves in the attacks on three Tube trains and a London bus on July 7, 2005.

No justice for the victims (plenty of moolah for lawyers, though). That's becoming a regular feature of British life under Labour. But it isn't just the ancien regime political class at fault (though it probably would be quite easy to trace all sorts of official mistakes back to fears of contravening the leftist protocols which have been building up in English life for years), the police, as usual, have made their customary howlers too.
A request from MI5 to West Yorkshire Police for information on the men from Beeston was never followed up. Scotland Yard also failed to pass the surveillance pictures to the FBI to show to Mohammed Babar, an al-Qaeda supergrass who organised a terror training camp in Pakistan attended by Khan.

Even though the mobile telephone number of Khan had already appeared during an investigation into Q, a man from Luton who was using young British men to courier money to al-Qaeda in Pakistan, no further action was taken against him.

If the police or MI5 had not dismissed Khan as a peripheral figure they might have followed him and Tanweer to Pakistan in the following December. It was there that the pair received the orders from the al-Qaeda leadership to attack London.

At the same camp was Muktar Said Ibrahim, the leader of the cell that attempted an attack in London on July 21. Members of another British terror cell, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, were also present.

Perhaps the security services would also have made the link to Mohammed Hamid, who styled himself Osama bin London. Throughout 2004 he organised jihad training camps in Britain to radicalise young men and send them to fight in Afghanistan and East Africa. Among those whom he trained were Ibrahim and the other three men in the 21/7 gang, Yassin Omar, Hussain Osman and Ramzi Mohammed.

Perhaps they would also have noticed how the hair of Khan and his fellow bombers was bleached by the explosives being made at their two bomb factories, which led to neighbours complaining about the smell.

A senior anti-terrorism officer insisted that the decision not to arrest the July 7 bombers before the attack was down to human judgment and a lack of resources, and had been the right decision at the time.

As it has become fashionable to say: yeah, right. The authorities ballsed this up and I hope that the victims' relatives pursue the police and this incompetent, useless Government over it.

Further noted items: Although Sadeer Saleem complained after his acquittal that he would always be connected with the bombs, he seemed to have forgotten he was an 'associate of the bombers and shared their beliefs', as John McDowall, head of Counter Terrorism Command at Scotland Yard said. Even though I have come to expect jaw-dropping statements from fundamentalist Islamic fascists, this took the biscuit. Add to that this:
In a letter to his future wife, Mr Saleem hoped that they would have many children who could kill the “filthy kafir” (non-Muslims).

Now let's have a look at the situation in Beeston:
Detectives remain convinced that other people were involved in the preparation for the attacks on July 7.

The fingerprints of up to ten unidentified suspects were discovered at the bomb factories. They believe that accomplices are being shielded by the close-knit Muslim community in Beeston and said that they were frustrated by the lack of co-operation from residents.

Here I must balm my saeva indignatio with a little sarcasm: how vibrant and diverse that community must be! Doesn't it make you feel warm and fuzzy towards multiculturalism?* Doesn't it make you chest-swellingly proud of the wisdom and moral rectitude of the 60s and 70s leftist ideologues who worked sedulously to rid us of the guilt of Empire by building foreign enclaves all round Britain and stamping on English culture wherever they could? They were building a better world, don't ya know? And don't you dare complain, otherwise they'll call you Daily Mail.

Then there is the matter of the bookshop in Beeston of which Sidique Khan was a trustee. The report on this little hive of fascism and hatred is worth reading closely. Highlights:
Every room breathed the Salafi jihadist creed. It was shouted by the radical websites, argued in the literature and proclaimed in the store’s collection of graphic videos and DVDs. That it was every Muslim’s duty to wage jihad was as unquestionable as the certainty that martyrdom was an honour to be sought. The group dynamic, the hiking and climbing trips, potholing and white-water rafting, tightened the bonds.

And all the while, well-intentioned public bodies were throwing money at the Iqra gang, whose projects included a school, a youth access venue and a gym. Grants totalling hundreds of thousands of pounds were made by the regional development agency Yorkshire Forward and the local council, churches and charities.

And there it is. Modern, we-know-best-you-don't, social democracy at work: Cowardice, the cultural cringe and national self-loathing worked out on a national scale on the taxpayer's nickel with deadly results. When you think that a white fascist, Nick Griffin, only had to open his mouth about Islam in the back room of a pub in Yorkshire to be arrested on the personal order of David Blunkett (see Rod Liddle passim in the Spectator), it is brought home to you once again that for a very long time the only fascist a lefty could see was a white fascist. Brown ones were, presumably, victims of poverty and racism.
Now, look at the testimony of Martin Gilbertson, an IT consultant who worked at the bookshop for two years and innocently helped the group develop secure computer systems. Get this:
He left in 2004 and says that he tried to warn the police of the danger brewing, but was not interviewed by counter-terrorism detectives until 52 innocent people had been murdered in London. Mr Gilbertson told The Times that he had become sickened by the febrile atmosphere and the “racist rhetoric” about filthy kafirs (unbelievers), Jews and America and Britain.

He knows how an apparently humanitarian anti-war message can mutate into a jihadist call to arms because he unwittingly helped Iqra to produce propaganda videos for mass distribution at Stop the War marches.

Gilbertson 'tried to warn the police but wasn't interviewed until afterwards'. If Gilbertson being brushed off has nothing to do with diversity/'sensitivity' protocols and their roots in the moral relativism of the Left, I'll eat my hat. Better we risk mass slaughter than upset anyone.

I think I'll leave it there. As my friend Mark Brentano has taken to saying during the years we've been on terrorist alert: walk safely.

*Because of mass-ignorance these days - nowhere more so than in the officially educated - I feel duty-bound to add a footnote explaining that my hostility to multiculturalism is a hostility to the obstinate socialist policy of multiculturalism, rather than a hostility to a multiracial aspect to society. You have to explain everything these days, and very patiently.

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