Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Luton Kerfuffle

I left this comment at Harry's Place

What I thought was interesting was that The Sun hid the story at the top of page two and kept the front page for Breakdancing Grandad is on Incapacity Benefit. News International still protects this incompetent and destructive government by minimizing its mistakes and the consequences of its mistakes.

Both sides of the Left - the Galloway idiotistas and the Cohenite ‘I’ve got balls, yer know’ faction - will go to great lengths to demonstrate how appalled they are by this. Fair enough; I hate the yob-isation of Britain as much as anyone. But is anyone even slightly surprised? I’m only surprised that it hasn’t happened earlier. Instead of doing its purported job of making life fairer for the working class, the Labour Party had - and still has - a fetishistic idea: the remodelling of the demographic of British society. This suits the Blair/Mandelson Thatcho-socialist arm of the party which toadys to big business - mass immigration = a cheaper wage bill - and makes life easier for the middle classes: cheap domestic labour, lower cost of services. It also suits the lefties, whose main desire is to destroy England and create the Multicultural EU State No. 678679. Whether anyone thinks this a bad or good thing is immaterial; it is true and everyone with intelligence knows it.

Sooner or later the football-shirted moron, so long drugged by round-the-clock football coverage, easy credit and Stella Artois, would notice that this was going on and they would also notice the contempt for usual, ordinary modes of life which this government has and has concealed with great flair (its only compentency is in the propagation and management of lies). Then the anger would begin. Wise and thoughtful rulers would have seen this as inevitable and advised caution with the multicultural/mass immigration project. Foolish rulers would have headed off all criticism with blithe comments about such anger being a ‘moral failing’, while taking steps to stifle legitimate debate on the subject - easy peasy when you have a public broadcaster deeply committed to the same project. (As a friend pointed out to me, the BBC doesn’t call immigration immigration so much these days, they tend to call it *migration*).

When the plank-wielding yob calls the police fucking left wing cunts he isn’t so very wide of the mark, is he? The police have been doing the bidding of some foolish people who are politically leftfield. As, in the 80s, they did the bidding of some seriously crass people who were politically rightfield. The McPherson report was virtually insane and very definitely racist, yet conventional lefties swooned, largely because their little fetish (police hatred) had been gratified. The force was now a service. Our football-and-stella boys will have noticed that there is one kind of policing for truculent minorities, and one for everyone else. If this offends my reason, why shouldn’t they be offended? I don’t sanction their behaviour, but I understand the anger behind it.

The conventional left will have to be *very* careful to avoid hypocrisy over their judgement of this.

Someone called Alan Ji said that Britain has been in a Multicultural State since the year dot. I responded:

Your arguments about British history being ‘multicultural’ are specious and has been manufactured and propagated by academia, the BBC and the Labour Party. Multiculturalism is clearly a doctrinal policy not simply a state of affairs. When the Danes and the Jutes came to England they were not welcomed by diversity officers and signposts in Danish. There was no official culture encouraging them not to integrate while simultaneously engaged in the project of national self-abasement. Scale and circumstances are what counts. England has absorbed many newcomers and that has been a force for good, because their numbers were manageable and the social and political situation meant that they could and would integrate. This is the complete opposite of the 1997-2009 politically-driven wave of immigration. Islam in Britain, in its scale and its frank exploitation of a socialist government’s cowardice and pandering, is a very bad thing indeed.

Your list of Labour achievements made me chuckle. It brought in the minimum wage as a sop to the working classes whose lives were about to be made immeasurably harder by Labour’s immigration policies - wages would have risen naturally during the boom due to supply and demand. Labour’s policies kept wages in menial jobs down and drove up rents. Not the actions of a working class party, but the actions of a party of middle-class, pseudo-intellectuals.

The expansion of university education was not achieved through educational excellence but by rigging the examination system by lowering pass standards. This is why young grads are so ignorant and vapid. Judge a society on the culture it creates and consumes: five minutes of doing that shows we’ve created a generation of narcissistic, tasteless, cocky, ignorant consumers. Not really the outcome one would expect from Higher Education.

The EU is undemocratic. We should make our own laws, it’s that simple.

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