Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Well, Oborne was right, wasn’t he? He said in the Mail last week he’d heard rumours that Mervyn King was getting scared about the borrowing levels. Now we know there *is* a rift between the Governor of the Bank of England and Brown and Darling after King’s comments at the Treasury Select Committee. He knows the truth: the debt level and Government deficits is terrifying; the IMF have given warning that Britain is facing the biggest Government deficit in the West and King has sensibly decided he doesn’t want to end up in the same historical dustbin that our Prime Minister is heading to, labeled ‘the man who abetted the man who bankrupted Britain.’
He’s getting that ‘I want to go to the toilet’ feeling, is old Merv, make no mistake about it. It’s logical that he should. He’s interested in the account books; whereas Gordon and Alistair are only interested in retaining power, at any price, even if they have to get your great-great-great-great grandchildren into debt doing it.

King may not be the only one getting the fear. The most significant thing in this story is that the Queen called King in for a private audience. She’s never done that before, ever. Wouldn’t you like to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation?

Keep your ears cocked in King’s direction.
Naturally, the Government said there was no disagreement between King and Darling/Brown. Another day, another lie; what’s one more at this late stage? Watch Brown as well - he'll be looking for ways to make King sleep with the fishes.

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Mark Brentano said...

Two other low-level stories of recent weeks tie in with this. 1. There was a theory that this whole recession [domestically] had been engineered to railroad us into the euro and another puzzle-piece to the European project. Apparently, we don't fulfil any of the fiscal criteria for joining the euro. 2. Our credit rating has slipped from its summit of AAA, meaning that the spending that Brown is addicted to like a jump jockey on Ex-Lax is going to look a little anaemic if no cunt will lend us the money. It's like borrowing £2 from your mate in 1974 to see The Steve Gibbons Band up the Greyhound and intending to pay it off from your Sunday paper round money. Then you turn up next day and Irish Frank's given your Chaldon round to some other cunt. I'm thinking of Zimbabwe for my hols this year.