Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Dhimmi Shelter + Cheltenham Days 1 and 2

Anjem Choudary, leader of the demonstration against the 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment, appeared on GMTV this morning to defend his actions. A summary of Choudary’s utterances and political stances can be found, with references, here.
Kate Garraway interviewed him and soon found herself flummoxed by his topsy-turvy logic – British soldiers compared to Nazis, protestations of being British while simultaneously referring to Saddam Hussein as ‘our’ dictator (make of that what you will), defending his actions as his democratic right while being an ardent hater of democracy, imagining that ‘British people living in Iraq’ would make the same protests as he and his colleagues had if Iraqi troops were fighting in Britain. Yes, but Anjem, they wouldn’t *be* living, would they? He even had a moan, without a trace of irony, about ‘the far Right’.
A short while after the interview was over, Garraway’s co-pilot, Andrew Castle, referred to Choudary in a conciliatory fashion as ‘a very intelligent man’. Then both presenters shrugged, smiled and said: ‘well, this *is* a democracy. . .’
Can you imagine them treating a member of Combat 18/National Front/BNP like that? Did those two even know who Choudary is or what he has said? About giving women 100 lashes for adultery (he said this on Nicky Campbell’s debate show on the BBC recently), assassinating the Pope, saying Christmas is 'evil' and executing non-Muslims?
Get used to seeing interviews like that on the television. Lazy, under-briefed TV presenters going a couple of rounds with a fascist enjoying/abusing the full ethnic minority indulgence our society provides, and getting soundly beaten. Mad Hatter’s Tea Party ahoy! Talking of mad, “Mad Mel” Phillips, as the journo branch of the chattering classes like to call her, writes well here on related subjects.
Professor Roger Scruton writes a brilliant article for Azure here on the problems we face and what we might do about them. Even though it is Scruton’s familiar record, he adds in extra thoughts – Christianity, religion based on irony and Jewish metaphysics; western civilisation, held together and powered by none other than our old friend alcohol. He also makes the important - and one would think obvious - point that the current approach towards radical Islam - conciliation, apology, cultural suicide - won't stop radical Islam, it will encourage it. Roll on the day when our pisspoor government can see this.

I didn’t have a too bad first day at Cheltenham (by which I mean backing horses running at the Festival; I certainly can’t afford to visit). I won a few hundred quid and punted accumulators which, had they come off, would have landed me three hundred and eighty grand. No selection was absurd; all were fancied horses. Ah well.
I did OK-ish today, though I rashly lumped on Tony McCoy’s mount in the 4.40 and it came 18th, an unusual wash-out from the champion jockey. Still, the Sporting Life website tells me some poor sod at the Festival had five grand each-way on it.


Mark Brentano said...

I think we are getting used to the fact of favoured Islamic media presence in the same way as drivers will never see a copper on a London street but can't move for traffic wardens, or whatever they're called this week. The question is; what are they up to? Not the Islamists; their agenda is as plain as a pikestaff. They are trying to live with the cognitive dissonance of physical adults trying to find a conduit for infantile rage. But what are the client media being told to do by the elites? Are they trying to wind up Mail/Express readers and keep their own shortcomings out of the papers? Is it our old friend, the post-colonial hairshirt, now available in all the colours of the rainbow nations? Do they despise the West to such an extent that they will willingly contribute to its - and their own - downfall? What I'm interested in is what will happen when the governing junta [Labour or Tory] discover that there are more votes to be had in backing the indigenous. The first 'anti war rally' [as The Indy described the demos by Muslims against returning squaddies] where the Mussulmen take a trouncing and the old Bill do nothing about it should be a lot of fun - if it happens. Thanks for the tip about betting slips and the protocols thereof. The ratchet works each way. Regards, Brentano. PS See you in the swiller later.

Shlomo said...

Ah, Roger Scruton. Blessed with a keen intellect and a lucid pen...a rare gift.

Tally-ho old thing!