Saturday, 7 March 2009

Hobspawm: Only the 'C' Word will do, if I'm honest.

While 'progressive' media outlets (BBC, Guardipendent) have been apologising and praising him (now he's a Companion of Honour), Steven Glover in the hated, reactionary, bigoted, lunatic Daily Mail, lays out a calm, sane, measured case against Eric Hobspawn, the Communist historian and apologist for the Soviet Union.

As a young man, 'Frogspawn', as I call him, wrote a worthy pamphlet on how the Nazi-Soviet pact was a jolly good thing. OK, young men say silly things, and, as Alec Guinness says in Lawrence of Arabia, '...young men must say their say.' But what of old men? Here's Frogspawn being interviewed by Michael Ignatieff in 1994. Asked whether 'the radiant tomorrow' promised by Stalin would have justified 'the loss of 15 to 20 million people', Mr Hobsbawm simply replied: 'Yes'.

Note the details of Frogspawn's influential position in British high culture.

The fact that Seumus Milne thinks Hobspawm is 'the greatest historian of the 20th century' should ring warning bells among thinking people. Read Milne's own nauseating apologia for Stalin and totalitarianism.

That this shameless old loon has been made companion of honour in a country and a system he would like to have seen destroyed demonstrates we are being governed by idiots (need I mention the disgrace of giving an honorary knighthood to Ted Kennedy - what would his Nazi-lovin' old Pa say?). Tell your friends. Spread the word.

The fact that we're governed by idiots* may explain why 'Britain is now so overwhelmed by Islamist extremists and terrorist plots that our foreign policy has become subservient to our desperate need for intelligence' That the CIA is now operating here and 'dining on chicken madras in West Yorkshire'. Tim Shipman's piece is worrying but not surprising; not if you've read Londonistan, that is.

In other news: I remember sitting in a pub with mates during the last recession ('No more Tory boom and bust' - Gordon Brown, '97, '98, '99, '00, '01, '02, '03, '04, '05, '06, er, er, er. . .) and someone said: 'I dunno why they don't just print more money.'
Well, maybe that person's running the Treasury now. It's funny, after all these years politicians are praying for inflation.

*By idiots I mean people in their 50s who devoured Frogspawn at university and captured and buggered up every institution they could get their hands on. Probably on account of the burning injustice of an old codger once telling them to stand up for the national anthem or get a haircut - most middle-class lefties' entire worldview is borne of incidents of great oppression like that.


Shlomo said...

I say old thing, do keep up the good work...missing your posts already.

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Thanks, Shlomo.