Monday, 28 December 2009

"Mad" Mel

The we-know-best-and-you-don't left/liberals call her Mad Mel. They never have much to say after a terrorist hit or near-miss. She does. I knew a very noisy left/liberal years ago who said that all terrorism was caused by poverty - a cursory glance at the backgrounds of leading terrorists - especially the current crop of jihadist psychopaths - demonstrates that, like so much contemporary left/liberal dogma, that particular nostrum is fucking poppycock. But it shows you they'll believe anything.

Radicals flocked to the UK, attracted by Britain's toxic combination of criminally lax immigration controls, generous health, education and welfare benefits and the ability to perpetuate their views through the British veneration of the principle of free speech.
Despite 9/11, the 2005 London Tube and bus attacks and the dozens of other Islamist plots uncovered in Britain, the astounding fact is that Islamic extremist networks are still allowed to flourish in Britain, largely through the obsession of its governing class with multiculturalism and 'human rights'.

As a result, Britain remains - to its eternal shame - the biggest hub of Islamic radicalisation outside the Arab and Muslim world.
Extremists are still slipping into the country. The courts are still refusing to deport terrorists in order to protect their 'human rights' abroad.
London boasts the shameful reputation of the world's premier money-laundry for terrorism, which shelters behind a label of 'charity' that the authorities choose not to challenge.
Not only is no action taken against extremist mosques and madrassas, but many British universities have been turned into terrorism recruitment centres.

Rest here.

As Madness once sang, if this is madness then I'm filled with gladness.

Because totalitarian governments always label their opponents insane in the end. See soviet Russia.

Is it "Mad" Mel, or is it "Mad" Gordon, Ed, Harriet and Tony? The answer depends on whether you prefer your head in the sand or not.


Ayrdale said...

What (if anything) does Mayor Boris have to say re London's unsavoury money laundering reputation ?

William Gazy said...

You know the Tories, Ayrdale - anything goes where money's concerned. I interviewed Boris once - sharp guy, as is Cameron - but the blind spot with them is that they're too rich to understandFor example, Boris and co want an illegal migrant amnesty - an idea that's been doing the rounds in Tory salons for a while. It's been buried till after the election. Boris's last public utterance on the subject was 'let's get these people legit and then they can START PAYING TAX.'
My emphasis. I dare say it will be the same for all the dirty money: 'hi, Mr Ali, have you met Mark Thatcher's accountant?'

William Gazy said...

The above should have read: but they're too rich to understand ordinary life.'

Saul said...

This whole business has been going on for years and years. Back in the mid/late 1990s I was in academia in Manchester. I worked with a few muslims back then. Two spring to mind, Lal the Manc, Brit born and bread - was pig ignorant arse and had a real soft spot for Hamas (who were if you recall in the midst of an indescriminate terror campaign back then)- he was also fond of chasing skirt (white of course) and calling Page 3 girls slags. Nadeem who had come over from Pakistan to do a PhD on the other hand was a smashing bloke - smartly dressed, curious about the UK, devout muslim too - he used to get up tight about missing prayer on a Friday. However I remember after he went to the University Islamic society meeting one day he returned to harang me all afternoon about the sanctions on Ba'athist Iraq and the Gulf War.