Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Obama Love and What it Means

The Obama inauguration, as broadcast by the BBC was a queasy mix of wet cacks, left-liberal BBC journalists gushing and a little frisson – from some of the BBC interviewees, not Obama himself – of black supremacism. The tirade from Joseph Lowry that followed Obama’s charismatic (in the religious sense) sermon (Obama sounded far too much like Samuel L. Jackson making his biblical speech in Pulp Fiction for my liking) made me laugh sardonically. ‘White must do what is right’? I would have said that they already had, and in fairly large numbers, otherwise today’s party would have been for some other candidate.

The immediate ramification in England will be how the Left (and by that I mean all points between the Socialist Worker through Marcus Brigstocke and Guardipendent readers to Liberal Democrats) come to terms with the ending of hostilities to the Land of the Free. Justin Webb is back from Washington to begin Obama’s British PR campaign on the BBC’s Today programme. Matt Frei was pre-orgasmic this afternoon. There will be comedy, bewilderment and hypocrisy in this, as old and entrenched attitudes have to be put aside to accommodate The Messiah’s new ministry of love.

I apologise only half-heartedly for all this cynicism, sarcasm and negativity. Battered and ravaged as England is by Blairism and its even more lunatic perversion, Brownism, I can do nothing more than cast my mind back to the summer of 1997, when I was so happy and excited that the bloody Tories had been vanquished. I can’t help feeling this is the situation in America – the wicked witch is dead, hurrah! Fair enough but what is to come? If it is anything like what we have had here, then Americans should worry. For Blair did not take us into a renaissance – the very word used repeatedly by his many media friends in 1997 – but oversaw a precipitous decline in individual liberty, standards in education, private and public morality, law and order (the weakening and politicizing of the Police and the dismantling of sentencing guidelines), not to mention starting two pointless, unfinished wars; plus the creation of a human rights industry that has conjured court scenes and legal loopholes straight out of Alice in Wonderland. Then there’s the commitment of the armed services to various theatres of war while quietly reducing their funding and failing to ensure adequate equipment (an English disease I doubt the Americans will suffer from); and finally, an irresponsible credit boom, which has now surely put this country on the road to bankruptcy. All in the name of ‘egalitarianism’ and ‘social democracy’. I predict a similar fate for America. Blair-ism taught me a hard lesson: Careful what you wish for.

Ah, yes. The credit crunch. I was credit-crunched last week and now have no job. I won’t be the last journalist getting the axe, no sir. Maybe, when a few more are collecting their job club cards, a general revelation will occur about what the Blair years actually meant. Let me tell ya: An illusory, debt-based boom that doped the public while the Government and its army of apparatchiks, PR people and journalists planned their utopia, based on access to the public purse, Champagne Socialism and a deep loathing and ignorance of their own country and its institutions and customs. All it came down to in the end was massive governmental interference and bullying in all areas of public and private life, the maintenance of a massive welfare dependency bloc, and, last but not least, mass immigration as an article of faith. That’s why London is grotesquely overcrowded, why chavs and rude boys are ubiquitous, why I have to wait two weeks for a doctor’s appointment, why wages in bottom-end jobs have hardly risen in 11 years and why it now costs about six hundred quid a month to live in a bedsit. It is also why when unemployment reaches four million (the figure, when all social security euphemisms are rounded up, will be more like 10 million) there’ll be some very unpleasant scenes in ‘vibrant and diverse multicultural areas’.
But Labour are the NOT-THE-TORY-PARTY, so we all have to just keep believing, right, kids?

The last thing to say is this: The Americans, by their natures, will get the hump with socialism a lot quicker than we did (did we ever, anyway?). At least I hope they do. If they don’t, I fear for the West, I really do.

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