Thursday, 22 January 2009

Hear the piggies squeal

In a rare split among the Political Class, Cameron has turned away from New Labour in the voting for MPs exemption to expenses FoI enquiries.
Two bits from this morning’s Times – which seem to have got lost on their way to the internet version – are: ‘The Tories announced that they were forcing all MPs to vote against the proposals on Tuesday evening. Until then, the matter was a one-line whip that several Tory MPs planned to ignore. “It was my understanding that we had reached a perfectly satisfactory agreement,” said one Tory backbencher. “But then Cameron had to interfere. His desire to look whiter than white is frankly ridiculous and causes damage without him realizing it. I mean, would you want to show the public every single receipt you claimed for?”’
‘The attempts to block publication of receipts has led to speculation that Labour MPs, and Ministers, face embarrassment when they are published.’
NOT JUST Labour, as the backbencher’s quote demonstrates. . .

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