Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Amjem's March...

...is being discussed in a waffly way at Harry's Place. The usual High Left response that it's all an illusion cooked up by the Press and if only we could have censorship nobody would ever need to consider religious extremism in Britain again.
I replied:

Islam4uk is just the tip of a massive iceberg. By which I mean there are a huge amount of young Muslims in Britain that think that killing in the name of religion is justified*, that a caliphate is good news and that this, their home country, is at war with their religion. Their demonstration, if it had gone ahead, would have caused the first major battle of a second English civil war which now looks unavoidable in any case. How decisive Brown and Johnson are on this for once, how unequivocal! That’s because they too know it would become the first battle – and also be nicely illustrative the logical end of doctrinal multiculturalism, something both men have backed for years. A street battle between bearded fanatics and respectable middle-Englanders in a country town like WB would demonstrate vividly the mess that modern socialism and its siren suicide note of moral relativism and cultural Marxism has got silly old England into. No, you bet your arse they don’t want that.

*Last year, a poll by the Centre for Social Cohesion** found that almost one in every three Muslim students in the UK said that killing in the name of religion was justified, with one third also in favour of a worldwide Islamic caliphate, or empire, based on Islamic sharia law.

** Started with money from Civitas, which probably means that the High Left will airily ignore its survey results as 'right-wing propaganda'.


Mark Brentano said...

What nauses me off is the mantra "the vast majority of peace-loving Muslims". How do they know? What, they do a nationwide census of Mohameddans every time this type of nonsense surfaces, do they? I think the "vast majority" of Muslims believe in Islamic doctrine, no matter in how inchoate a way. You're right; this is going to come on top, soon, and it is the fault of Socialism, which hasn't finished with us yet. Word verification is rewin, but yesterday, on another site, I had carpoo.

William Gazy said...

Impressive - I have ulvicig, which sounds like a Viking god.
The official classes here don't know anything about Islam or ordinary Muslims. That is not to say that they are all mad mullahs straight out of central casting, they are not; nonetheless multiculturalism-as-strict-state-doctrine has got us to this point where the experience of membership is divorced from the legality of membership. Pluralism and rights without responsibilities. This is the fault of the Left for conniving at it and the Tories for not taking an axe to the civil service socialism that has worked sedulously towards this when they had the chance. They concentrated on money and forgot culture.
The second English civil war, even if that is a factional area-by-area war of skirmish and riot will come. The first battles - the ridiculous EDL's street fights with parka-islamists (as I am pleased to call them) in the midlands - have already been fought and have been buried and media de-briefed.
I said to Judgy in July 2005, 'keep your old grandfather's Webley service revolver well oiled and in good working order: jihadism is something that can happen on your street.'

Ayrdale said...

Very well said too. I alluded to this, albeit obliquely today.


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