Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Why I'm Voting for Harriet/Afghanistan Elections

And lo, it suddenly hit me. Last Friday. I was going to vote Labour at the next general election and that was that. Now, this may come as a shock to readers of this blog. As you know, I am merely a poor wretch, lately jettisoned from the world of journalism, and now adrift in post-boom Britain, where jobs are scarce (see picture) and are usually aimed at foreigners who savour the small wages here because they are ten times what they get back in Poland/Czech
Republic/Albania/Wherever (Mandelson doesn’t mention wages when he tells the British unemployed to go abroad to work). I liked that advert because it showed that wages for that sort of job have risen about 75 pence in 14 years. I know, because I used to do jobs like that and by the looks of things will soon be doing them again. Thanks, Tony, Gordon and Peter. I love the country you've created. Wages for the poor haven't gone up much but by golly their rents have! Well done, Islington, mass immigration was such a brilliant idea. Excuse the sarcasm and note the truth.
I don’t need to reiterate my criticism of Labour, do I? So why am I going to be voting for them? Because Harriet Harman will, hopefully, be in charge by then.
I was browsing in WH Smith’s last week. I saw The Spectator (a magazine I rarely buy these days, on the grounds that most of the writers are wankers and the whole thing is inching its way further towards being little more than a sort of American Express members’ magazine: adverts for watches and ‘Luxury supplements’ every five minutes. Plus they keep making people I hate ‘associate editors’) and noted that Rod Liddle had had the same thought I’d had a while ago: Labour will be very badly damaged very quickly if Harman becomes leader. Yes, believe it or not Labour can fall a lot further than they have already.
But that’s not the only reason for voting Labour. Another four years of hardline Harmanism would slowly drag the rich into this spitbowl and, quite frankly, seeing as they’ve remained untouched and grown wealthier through whole Thatcher/Major/Blair narrative it’s high time they, like the rest of us, have their lives touched by the compassion and fairness of new Labour, don’t you think? Add to that a growing sense that Westminster is steadily regrouping after the expenses scandal and needs to be taught a real lesson: as Alan Duncan’s remarks last week demonstrated, they have learned nothing from being exposed as swindlers.
A Harman government would compound the errors of the Brown/Blair years while bringing fresh stupidity to the table: She could fully bankrupt the country very quickly and bring Labour’s many hatreds and neuroses to the boil in a trice. There would be a vast new drives to go much further in implementing the policies that have made everyone hate Labour; the public sector would become a sort of Marxoid gynarchy; ‘misogyny’would be ‘stamped out’; billions of borrowed money ploughed into ‘equality’; the current underhand Labour policy of underfunding the armed services and diluting them into a ‘European Army’ would be stepped up, despite the country being at war; Labour’s policy of EU and non-EU mass immigration would be fiercely encouraged; the lobotomy of schools and education would gather greater pace; the monarchy would be closer to abolition than at any time for centuries; the police emasculation will continue apace; violent disorder and organised drug addiction will grow. As now, there will be no money but borrowed money. Taxes will soar. The journey to third world status and third world services, begun under Blair and Brown will be properly under way and steaming ahead all engines firing. The sins of the empire will be atoned for – the wet dream of every Labour ideologue – and England will be smothered. Except for the wealthy, civilised life will be a dim memory. Like now but more so, sirens, hip-hop and the Muslim call to prayer will be the soundtrack to urban living. Recycling will be encouraged at all spare moments, rather like the way that under Mao’s cultural revolution every person with a few minutes spare time had to work at digging a hole in their back yard.
For the sane man the only response will be alcohol abuse or revolt. One can almost believe that civil war would occur, and that, plus revolution, is just what this old country needs. Then we’ll all know where we really are, instead of the micro-managed media mirage of today. At the very least it will make a nice change, as my old granny used to say.
Of course, we won’t get a Harman government we’ll get a Cameron one; and the minute that expenses-fiddling individual sets foot on the Downing Street doormat all the forces of the liberal left, so long quiet about this country’s problems and economic woes, will start shouting and carrying on as if there hadn’t been a Labour government for 13 years. The Specials will probably re-release Ghost Town, even though high streets were boarded up and fascism grew fast under Labour rule. By three months in it will all be the Etonians’ fault and, though I dislike the Tory party, I don’t see why they should get the blame for what Blair and Brown have caused. Also, a Conservative victory will allow the Political Class ideal cover to repair and entrench itself after the disaster of the expenses scandal. This would be very bad for all of us.
So, I’m voting Labour at the next election and I urge you to do so as well. It is, as a politician would say, the only way to make real change happen.

It was sad to see the BBC reporter holding up the fake election papers he’d been sold in Kabul. It makes me angry to think that British soldiers’ lives are being thrown away to ensure a crooked election in a terminally corrupt and medieval country, and all on account of the vanity and stupidity of neo-cons and Anthony Charles Lynton “Tony” Blair.
The war in Afghanistan is lost; we are already defeated in the long run. It only remains for years of government spin to attempt to paper over the cracks, and for inquiries to come to some anodyne conclusions. It and Iraq are the biggest foreign policy mistakes for fifty years and there’s no way round it.
David Miliband, Her Majesty’s Foreign Secretary, writing about the elections in the Daily Telegraph this morning, asserts that Ninety per cent of the Afghan population is ‘reasonably confident that they will be fair’.
The BBC reporter I saw this morning was offered two hundred voting ID cards for a few pounds. The ‘allies’ can stay up there for fifty years and they won’t eradicate corruption or religious extremism.
They certainly won’t stop terrorism, which is the stated aim. It is a peculiarity of this government’s intellectual incoherence that they don’t mind starting wars in distant countries and throwing soldiers’ lives away but the idea of proper border controls, by which I mean burkas off at the airport door and an awful lot of searching and rigorous enquiry, appalls them. Yes, that is because it would disproportionately affect one of the Left’s most favoured minorities. Better to have an endless war in Afghanistan than annoy the Muslim Council of Britain and slow down airlines’ profits.
That’s a little specious, I know, but not so much that it doesn’t provoke the smile of recognition, in this author at least. After all, this government and its predecessors have allowed an extraordinary amount of jihadists to move freely in this country. Over the past eight years, while the Army has been ‘fighting terrorism’ abroad, the Cultural Marxism of this government has ensured that Islamist clerics have operated with near impunity in Britain.
The West must get out of Afghanistan. Those who wish to leave that country ahead of the Taleban rule can be re-located in the country that started the war: America. If the Taleban then wish to allow Afghanistan to become a fort for international Islamic terrorism against the West, the West must respond to any acts of war and aggression by carpet-bombing the country flat. The Taleban cannot win a conflict on those terms.
Otherwise, we should leave the mullahs to their goats and start to sort out the mess in our own countries.


Mark Brentano said...

A double top of a post:

"Like now but more so, sirens, hip-hop and the Muslim call to prayer will be the soundtrack to urban living. Recycling will be encouraged at all spare moments, rather like the way that under Mao’s cultural revolution every person with a few minutes spare time had to work at digging a hole in their back yard."

I think we should record a song called 'Dystopia' to the tune of The Kinks' 'Victoria'. You wait 'til gang bosses from Shine My Nine are asked to be cultural advisers to inner city councils, and you find The Koran in the bedside table drawer of every Holiday Inn, and there are English language job offers in the window of the Gdansk job centre. I still say Ireland; we can take the narrow boat and go out in a blaze of Guinness. Go Gazy! The word verification for this comment is 'boutti'. That will be what they call the Cabinet in 50 years's time.

William Gazy said...

ha ha! Thanks, guv.

RW said...

Something you should read ...

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Amongst other things, it shows how 700 rapes are turned into 70,000 by people like Harriet Harman in order to pursue their own ambitions.