Thursday, 11 June 2009

It All Comes Round

My father on politics: 'It's like going to the pictures years ago: if you sat there long enough the same film would come back on.'
I was reminded of this when going through my diaries of the last five years. 200,000 words of...not too disgraceful writing about my life and times. I found this bit, from 27th April, 2006, made me smile:

'Presiding over all this is Blair and he doesn't want to come off the pool table. The party knows that the longer he stays the more there's a chance of bloody disaster in the next general election - it's the Last Days of Thatcher all over again: the MPs see him now as dead weight, a liability to their continuing in the style to which they have become accustomed. I have some sympathy for Blair's view: I believe he looks at those back benches, and the grass roots activists behind them and thinks: 'The sheer ingratitude of it! Look at what I gave you, you pigs and trogs: you were nothing without me and you'll be fuck all when I'm gone: you couldn't have got the last ten years of power without me' etc. In other words a bit like Napoleon's marshals begging him to abdicate in 1814.
Gordon Brown is waiting in the wings, and waiting. It may well be that Blair will turn resentful over the party turning on him and stay longer than he knows he should: a sort of scorched earth policy. Brown, when he finally gets his hands on the controls, will find a public largely alienated from him and his party and so angry they are unbribable.'

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